Welcome to my blog.  I’m welcoming me, too, because it’s been a long time coming.  Many people have told me “you should write a blog”, “where is your blog located”, and my favorite “write the damn Blog already, YaVonna”. Don’t worry, you’ll get to know my friends through knowing my world; they are not as scary as they sound. Mostly. My friends call me Vonn, and I’m here to present my views: coffee in my left , Vonn’s views in my right.

When I started this blog, I had been on Facebook for 8 years, and in that time had come (and continue) to post about a myriad of topics. Love: of my Mother, family, bourbon, social media, friends, common sense and God. Laughter: all things funny, sarcastic, blithe and even a little droll here and there. Lastly, Coffee. For me, Coffee is more of an experience than a beverage. You’ll hear about it because; heaven, that’s why. Hence the name: Coffee in my left. I’m left handed obviously.

Who am I? Wait, you all just said, “I’m brother to the night”, didn’t you? I did too; it’s okay.  I’m the woman who randomly shouts out movie lines (that was Love Jones, BTW) and song lyrics, loves inspirational sayings and all things uplifting, and lovingly shares stories about my Mom. By now you’re really wondering about “Mom”; don’t worry, she’s coming.  I’m divorced, Mom of 2, reader, dabbler in a little yoga, and am an avid HGTV watcher (if you really want to feel broke and insecure, watch it for an hour). Other shows, like dramas with a female lead also make my DVD list; we’ll take some time to analyze those along the way. I love to cook but hate to grocery shop or wash dishes. Faithful church goer, but I will enjoy the occasional adult beverage or 5. #SorryNotSorry. You can guess, I’m not on any dating sites because that description just about sucked. We’ll work on that as we get to know each other.

Why the blog? Often times I don’t say everything I’m thinking because A) Twitter only allows 140 characters of poor grammar and shrunken thoughts B) employers are now using Facebook as a means to discern your civility, likeability and your potential crazy-ability, and C) sometimes God calls you to do things, and he uses your friends and family as the bull horn.  So…

Welcome to my blog. This will be similar to a lot of my friendships. I’ll share my views and you’ll  help me along the way by throwing out topics, letting me know you liked it, and even shooting me a few “oh no she didn’ts”. In love, of course: I’m not an artist, but I am sensitive about my ish. See what I did there? I know you did; you get me already, don’t you?