Coffee In My Left hand, Rest in My Right…

Coffee in my Left Hand, Rest in my Right. 

There is something intriguing about the night. Teenagers long to stay up through it, the best parties seem to happen in it, international flights begin in it, songs are written about it; Gimme the Night, & You Know the Night Time, is the Right Time come to mind. New York and Las Vegas are branded in being two exciting cities that eschew sleep on principle! It seems the world is afraid it’s going to miss something incredible during the night.

I want to remind you, however, to rest. Unless you work shift differential, you should be getting some rest at night. This adulting thing is hard as hell.  Bills, jobs, spouses, kids, parents. Then add to it the ever looming possibility of 45 tweeting us into WWIII, ironicly in the middle of the night, and it’s hard to turn off our brains long enough to sleep.

I was sick not too long ago (I’m fine now), and one way I knew I wasn’t well yet is because I couldn’t sleep. My sleep returning to normal was how I knew I was feeling better. The human body is designed to heal and restore itself during periods of rest. 

Lack of sleep promotes weight gain, cell degeneration, memory and cognitive impairment, ADD, injury from accidents, stroke, and a general poor quality of life. Dang. 

I said all that to say sleep is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.  At some point we need to stop glamorizing the night (at least until the weekend…heeey!) and make sleep a priority.  Do whatever you have to do to get sleepy (yep, even that), and then make time to rest as essential as drinking more water and eating more veggies because it is. Give your body what it needs to repair the damage we cause it all day, or if you’re super healthy from jump, to reward it with the rest it needs to sustain all that fit bit nonsense you put it through. Either way, get some rest. Please.

Coffee In My Left hand,  get these Zzzzs in my Right. 

5 thoughts on “Coffee In My Left hand, Rest in My Right…

  1. So true! Thanks for the reminder about getting a good night’s sleep. Some folks will forgo sleep for other stuff, but it’s not worth it and your body will shut down later.


  2. I’m going thru a rough period right now and this was right on time! Thank you for the reminder. Rest is extremely important! I so enjoy your blog, I’m thrilled you got your mojo back for writing! Keep em’ coming!

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    1. Thank you Tosha. I feel most myself when I’m writing, so I’m committing to doing it as self care. Not exactly burning sage and counting steps, but it’s what I need to feel ‘in motion’ if that makes any sense?


  3. I have no choice about this now. My eyes get heavy at midnite and then open organically around 7 am. If I go to sleep before then, I will wake up too early. So, I follow what my body says to do.

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