Coffee in my Left Hand, ‘same blog, who dis?’ in my Right.

Okay, I know it’s been a long (very long) time and I owe a few apologies.  First, to the friends and fellow bloggers who gently asked where was my pen; I’m sorry.  I always felt your words as encouraging and not a scolding, but nothing could flow until it flowed, ya know?  Second, to the readers who asked; God knows I appreciate you and I’m sorry. Thank you for letting Coffee In My Left Hand even cross your mind at all!  Lastly, I owe myself an apology; I’m sorry Vonn. I let the world throw us off our square, and we know better than to do that. Lesson Learned.

Heeeyyy!  Hopefully you knew to read that in a Cardi B voice and give it a little extra ‘I missed y’all so much’ vibe. If not, we’re both rusty and we’ll find our groove again in no time. It’s been over a year since I’ve written anything and it feels good to sit with you.  And I know you’ve got questions and deserve answers so let’s get into it:

Where have you been, Vonn?

I’ve been dealing with a personal issue that, off and on, took me off my creative lane.  I let worry, anxiety and boat loads of anger stifle my voice and no one is more upset about it than me.  A writer is to write no matter what, but when you write a humor blog, it’s hard to do that over a cloud of negativity.  I’m generally a positive person, so to live with that kind of anger, much less write within it, was difficult to say the least.  There’s a saying “what’s inside of you, comes out of you” and I couldn’t let what was inside of me spill out onto the page.

You alright now?

I’m good, better than ever.  Into everyone’s life some rain must fall. On a subconscious level we all know that, but when the rain is an undeserved tsunami, designed to intentionally hurt you, it can feel like the attack is never ending and only raining on your side of the street.  One thing I do know, is that all things work together for my good, and that I’m left better and wiser for having come out on top (insert Diddy’s ‘Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down’ here, and do the Diddy dance while you’re at it).

So are you back for good?

Yep.  Ghosting is not in my character, and I hate that I did. Part of the lesson was supposed to be “write no matter what” and I failed that test.  Fortunately, life only requires that we get back up, shake off the dust and continue with living. For me, living includes writing. Can’t promise I won’t stumble, but I won’t quit again.  

So, hopefully you’ll accept my apologies, and give me another chance to be a part of your weekly routine.  Between the anti-president and this banana republic we live in, the life and antics of my Mother, Chicago’s 215 mayoral candidates, Cardi’s Grammy win, J Cole’s new single and the world in general, I have lots to say. And, in the immortal words of Diddy, “can’t nobody hold me down”.


16 thoughts on “Coffee in my Left Hand, ‘same blog, who dis?’ in my Right.

  1. Welcome Back!! You are most definitely forgiven, you’ve gotta take care of you first. If you don’t, you’re no good to anyone else.


  2. Don’t let the ups and downs of life get in the way of your writing. Sometimes our struggles make us better writers and better people. You never know when your struggles will help someone else. Welcome back and do your thing!


  3. You are only required to take care of yourself FIRST!!!! You are winning in this game of life and no matter what life throws you, you will land on your feet!!! Glad you’re back to doing what you love! ❤


  4. Never knew you were a blogger, but some where along the line I knew you had the gift of words. So ears and eyes open for it all. Can’t wait 😊


  5. Life happens. Consider writing through the challenging times. Your nosy…ahem…curious followers (like me!) know that’s when you do your best, most passionate writing. Glad you’re back.


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