Coffee in my left hand, 16 things in my right.

Here is a list of 16 things Chicago officials should actually be outraged about:

The missing postal worker who is in fact still missing

A reported 52 girls still listed as missing in the Chicago area

The lack of repercussions for officers who have murdered men and women in the street.

The light sentencing of an officer who murdered a young man on the street with 16 bullets

Millions of dollars that have been paid out by the city to settle police brutality cases

Property taxes that continue to soar

Schools that are poorly funded by said property taxes in poorer neighborhoods, but magically make their way safely to schools in higher property tax brackets

Underfunded teacher pensions

Those 50 schools that closed in black in brown neighborhoods

Aldermen who make lots of money and do the bare minimum for their wards

TIFs in neighborhoods that do not need TIF funding

Potholes big enough to damage your suspension

Letters sent to residents suggesting we should test our water for lead.

The ever-increasing taxes placed on phone and cable TV service

The extra taxes Chicagoans have to pay on gasoline, in addition to the Illinois taxes.

That even though you have had your 15 mins of national TV time, no amount of outrage will cover up that the investigation was leaked and botched to the highest degrees. You prioritized it over some of Chicago’s most pressing cases and were embarrassed by the outcome.

In the words of the great young prophet Kendrick Lamar; it’s time to be humble and sit down.

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