Coffee in my Left hand, 10 things that make me really happy in my Right

Hey Fam!

I’m participating in a Writer’s Challenge where I have to write something everyday in the month of May from a designated list.

I hope you not only enjoy the musings, but also hold me accountable for all 31 days!! Here we go…

Ten things that make me really happy:

  1. My children laughing with each other. My heartbeats are 3 years apart and opposite genders. They lived through the war zone that was my marriage and subsequent divorce. When I hear them laughing and joking together, even if I’m the target, it sends my soul to a happy place. Their joy is my joy.

  2. Same with my Mom. She’s 94 (yes, I was an accident baby), and has always been quite rough on me. I never felt unloved growing up, but hers was a tough love, designed to keep me on the straight and narrow until I could support myself. My Father was the jokester, the one who brought the light to the room. So when she laughs, I get to experience a part of my childhood again. I get to see her light, and worry free.

  3. Seeing my BFF win. When you are in the trenches with someone, I mean the gutters and valleys, their struggle becomes your pain. Oh, but baby, watching her win in this season of life, getting all the things that she truly deserves, that makes me happy happy.

  4. Finding jeans that fit. If you’re a woman, that needs no additional commentary.

  5. Getting the answer right in Jeopardy. I’m not sad when I don’t know them, but the high-five I give myself in my mind makes me 😊

  6. Seeing couples hold hands. I dunno, something about that simple gestures reminds me of the importance and lusciousness of human touch.

  7. Wearing a sweater or blouse fresh out the dryer.

  8. Seeing children getting to be children. Whether playing in the park, or drawing, or using those tiny feet to keep up with some adult in the mall, little people being little people makes me happy.

  9. When someone remembers something (good, funny, meaningful, or just personal to me) I said to them, that makes me happy. I feel seen.

  10. Writing. I put it off, put it down, pick it up, swear it’s not worth the trouble; but taking these thoughts to paper brings a happiness unlike anything else.

2 thoughts on “Coffee in my Left hand, 10 things that make me really happy in my Right

  1. Love it! Agree and can relate with most of yours. As for you, 30 more to go and I am anxiously and joyously waiting! 🙂


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