Coffee in my left hand, things we don’t get judged waiting in line for in my right

Popeye’s brought their famed chicken sandwich back to the masses, and with it came long lines, long waits and sometimes short tempers.

I had the sandwich before social media blew it up (Black Twitter remains the dopest movement ever) and it was good. I didn’t have to wait any longer than when Popeye’s usually tells you “15 minutes on spicy, you wanna wait?”

Recently, I’ve seen a lot of judging, think pieces and out right shading of folks waiting in line to buy the sandwich. “They should register to vote out there, “stereotypical behavior fighting over chicken”, “I would neeeever…” Assigning all types of negative tropes to wanting to buy the latest craze. But no one was shamed for standing in line to buy:

Air Jordans

iPhone anything

Concert tickets (I waited in line for hours for Prince tickets before Ticketmaster). Think Lollapalooza.

Walmart and Target for Black Friday.

People camp outside, and wait in lines all the time, and yet we’ve assigned negativity about the sandwich. What could be the reason a $4 chicken sandwich upsets us more than the latest $1200 iPhone?

And, incidentally, the fights are more about the people who gather, than the reason they are gathering. If you are prone to fighting, you’ll fight in the Jordans line, the iPhone line or the Black Friday lines over relatively anything.

Let’s ease up on the folks buying chicken, okay?


2 thoughts on “Coffee in my left hand, things we don’t get judged waiting in line for in my right

  1. Hey YaVonna. Actually I did see a lot of Jordan line shaming and, to a much lesser degree, iPhone line shaming. A lot of the frustration and judgement stem from the assumption that those who are standing in line for “trivial, materialistic” items are the same people who won’t stand in line to vote, for parent/teacher conferences, for “righteous” causes.


    1. I agree with you. And that’s a huge assumption. Once we society doesn’t seem to place on other popular items people enjoy. I don’t have an iPhone, and don’t buy Jordan’s, but I’ve never suggested those things were tied or should be tied to activism.

      Thanks for the input Ria!!


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